Monday, March 30, 2015

another week of experiences...

 Zone Conference
 After the first rain storm of the season , no smog for a little while
The new missionaries with their Trainers  Ryan's new companion is Elder Johnson a gringo from Hawaii :)who is full of no experience and a great attitude !

"Something great that I learned this week, I KNOW SPANISH!!!!! i can talk to people and understand them!!!!! I have been able to learn how to lead. I used to always follow, but now its my time to lead. my time to put my faith in God, and get to work.

 A scripture that helped me. Is mosiah, 5:2 it is where King Benjaman is talking to his city, and the spirit is super strong, and they all have a change of heart. But what I love most about it, is earlier, King Benjaman was talking about how he was just  like everyone else. He was humble, and through his humility and his obdedience he was able to have the holy ghost bear witness to his people, to bring to pass a change of heart. Just like what I can do as well."

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