Thursday, January 7, 2016


 I had one of the most powerful experiences of my mission on
Monday, Sister C, a  missionary that is really sick,  Asked me to give her a
blessing. And when I put my hands on her
head, I could feel the Love that Heavenly Father Had for her and her
Saviour as well. I knew that the words that came out of my mouth were
not mine, but that they came from God, And After she said that it was
the most special blessing that she had ever received, and I knew that
it was because it came from God. it made me think of a quote from the
movie Ephriams Rescue, "That the Lord will use us as his hands if we
Once you get the Melkezidec
 Priesthood, never be in a spot where you cant help someone.  She also
said that she loved being in out zone because of the things that we
had done for her. And that meant a lot to me. Because I had been
feeling lately like I wasnt a good enough zone leader, that I was
failing in sense in the calling that I was giving, but when she said
that the spirit brought to my mind a quote from President Uchtdorf...
"Many things that Count dont count, and many things that Dont Count,
Count." I am so greatfull to be here.

I love being a missionary. I love being a member of this Church. I
love My saviour and will do all that I can to serve him. I love you
 A Chilean Beaver fan ??
 Elder Spencer's District
 Feliz Navidad...his last missionary Christmas!

 we loved visiting with Elder Spencer on Christmas day
 out with the assistants to the President
The Zone

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Changes again

 Chilean BBQ
 Elder Middleton ( new Companion ) and Elder Thompson

 Elder Thompson, ward member , Elder Spencer, Elder Romero ( a favorite ) and Companion ELder MIddleton ( from Canada)


1. how is my new campanion.... he is great. He is really serious, and
well as you know Im not 100 percent of the time. But we have figured
it out. And now our seriousness and my Ryaness works well together.

2. What strengths does he bring.... he is very concious about the
ward, and he is always looking for more ways to be more involed and
work more closely with the ward.

3. Are the people preparing for christmas here... yes... they all have
their lights up and everything... but honestly, I feel like i should
be having my birthday soon... I dont really like having a hot
christmas. So its still a little weird for me.

4. Any special foods.... they people have really changed it up here
and have started giving us Chicken and rice, instead of Rice and
chicken... I swear when I get home  I dont ever want to eat that
again!!! Hahah but really, They have this thing called Pan de Pascua.
Which means Christmas bread... and it is exactly like fruit cake...
and its SOOOO GROSS!!!!! But everyone eats it and gives it to

5. What helped me be the best missionary that I can be this week.... I
feel like it was the talk that I read by President Uchtdorf, it
litteraly changed my entire week, and how I think and act.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

It's been awhile ...

 Elder Spencer was transferred to his 3rd Area in the Javieria Carrera Ward. He is companions with Elder Turner and they will be serving as Zone Leaders together
What is the atonement of Jesus Christ?
His suffering, and the moment he died?
yes that’s part, but so much more,
the atonement of Christ, it covers the floor.
From wall to wall, the roof to the ground,
The atonement of Christ, is for the world around.
For you for me, for him for her.
For Every sin, for every hurt.
He suffered for you, he suffered for me
He suffered for everyone, on bended knee.
"Lord not mine, but thy will be done"
He suffered he bled, and there he hung.
But then something amazing, on day three
He rose again for you, for me.
He is our savior, or Lord, The Christ,
The only one worthy to pay the price.
He is my brother, my hero, my friend,
The only one truly with me, till the very end.
Im forever in debt,
But you can sure bet,
That my life will be different,
Because of that night,
When he bowed his head,and gave us a chance to fight.
Through his grace we are saved after all we can do...
So with every choice, lets think it through.
God knew it would happen, that we´d all mistake,
But through his son, the chains of hell we can break.
Because of him, the "HOLY ONE"
When I get there he´ll say "My son, well done".
 Written By: Elder Ryan Spencer

 a lot of walking happens ...these are insoles that were used for only one month !!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

One year ago!

" One thing
that I have learned here in the mission, is that there is power and
protection in Prayer. Just like if something happenes we want to go
and talk to Mom and Dad, we should also remember that we have a
Heavenly Father that wants to help us, and hear about what is going on
in our lives. So we must always remember him."
 One year ago we sent  this barely 18 year old to Santiago Chile to become a missionary
 Today he has grown in faith , testimony , experience, humility and so much more ....
Elder Spencer and Elder Romero, a trainer, a district leader and white washing his new area!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Two by Two

 Elder Spencer and Elder Romero
" I want
the people to be able to feel the love I have for them by the way I
strive to share this message of Joy with them. "

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ready for the Challenge!

 A few goodbyes to the Bishop's family and favorite little Friends Rodri and Elli and new baby sister
 the Valenzuela Family
 New" Greenie"  Elder Romero from Argentina     :  "my phone rang... I looked at it, and it said "Assistant
1"... I answered it and Elder Laurentino started out by saying "Elder
Spencer, the Lord trusts in you very much. And he has given you a very
large responsability for this change... The Lord has called you to be
a district leader, and Train, in a White wash..." I am pretty sure
that Elder Johnson had to shut my mouth for me.....

so yeah, White wash train... Wedensday comes around, and We met as a
misión to get changes, we were all in the stake center, president
called our each companionship... I am now with Elder Romero... From
Argentina Cordoba. And he is awesome!!!! He is 19, and the first
misionary in his family.. but the thing is, he is amazing at soccer.
He played profecionally, and was going to play for one of the best
teams in argentina, and then he recieved his ticket to go and play,
and his misión call on the same day. Dropped all of his soccer planes,
and is now here... it was a huge testimony builder for me."
 the 4 some in the Pension
 the new district
view from new apartment

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Its time to CHANGE!!!

After 11 months and two weeks, Elder Spencer is finally being transfered 
Goodbye to Elder Johnson his "greenie"

 the Marchant Family
Nap time
 A FROZEN birthday celebration
 Happy 19 th birthday
 a special temple trip
 the District the mission they call it changes, so this is pretty exciting for him , he has endured well and learned much and will take that with him to a new area with a new companion goodbye EL VALLE!!!