Monday, March 30, 2015

another week of experiences...

 Zone Conference
 After the first rain storm of the season , no smog for a little while
The new missionaries with their Trainers  Ryan's new companion is Elder Johnson a gringo from Hawaii :)who is full of no experience and a great attitude !

"Something great that I learned this week, I KNOW SPANISH!!!!! i can talk to people and understand them!!!!! I have been able to learn how to lead. I used to always follow, but now its my time to lead. my time to put my faith in God, and get to work.

 A scripture that helped me. Is mosiah, 5:2 it is where King Benjaman is talking to his city, and the spirit is super strong, and they all have a change of heart. But what I love most about it, is earlier, King Benjaman was talking about how he was just  like everyone else. He was humble, and through his humility and his obdedience he was able to have the holy ghost bear witness to his people, to bring to pass a change of heart. Just like what I can do as well."

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Time for a Change

 Something that kept me going this week .... Would have to be my study on the life of Christ.... really coming to know my Savior personally, and feeling His love for me. Then being able to go out and share it with everyone possible...

Goodbye to Elder Davis Elder Spencer's trainer and comp for 6 months. Elder Spencer will be training a new missionary and will be the new District Leader

Just airing out the hot sweaty feet

Monday, March 16, 2015

Nowhere he'd rather be!

1. Regular hot showers? yes and no.... everything in chile is run off of propane tanks... so when they are full yes... but then they run out... and it becomes ICE!!!! and it takes them about 45 minutes to come and we have to buy a new one haha...

2. One thing I taught in a lesson that built my testimony.... I had to give a suprise talk in sacrament, and I felt like I should share what I learned about the Atonement, and teaching it really strengthens your testimony, What I shared is that there are three powers of the atonement, The redeeming power, the healing power, and the strengthing power.

3. My favorite person this week... President Wright, He is one of the best teachers I have ever learned from. 

4. Three attributes of Elder Davis. He is obedient, he cares about the people we are teaching, and Always helps me better myself.

5. My greatest joy this week, this is going to sound lame, but being able to share the gospel, There were so many reasons that i could have chosen to stay at home, To wrestle, study, whatever, But my greatest joy is being able to put on a name tag everyday, as a representative of Jesus Christ, and go out and share the greatest message there is. 

6. Negative into positive... we were contacting, and Idk, maybe I did something, But Elder D shut off, so i had two choices, to shut off also, or to step up to the plate, and I chose to take it as my chance to lead and be a missionary, not just a junior companion. He can do what he wants but I have a message and I am going to share it. 
 I think he is wishing he was ...... FROZEN

yep look close that's sweat !!!!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Learning the lessons of a missionary , patience and humility...

So first off questions.... 
1. What principles of the gospel did I apply this week.... The answer would be humility... Elder Davis and I are at the point where I am being able to talk to people on my own and do things that I wasnt able to do in my training.... and he tends to like to do things different than I would Prefere... but instead of being upset, I decided that I would just take the time to learn and find out what I can do to be better.

2. what did  I do this week to strengthen my testimony?.... So this week we had a few lessons where the people had said that they dont want anything to do with the church, because they are going through a hard time and they think that It will be better to not go to church and stuff.... and I dont know why but things like that strengthen my testimony... I think because even as members we go through hard times. But after we go through them and put our strength and faith in the Lord, things always work out better.

3. How did You feel Heavenly fathers Love for you this week?... I have felt the love of Heavenly father this week through my attidude. I know that it is a gift that I have from God, and knowing that through him I can always have a good attitude. Plus we have the gospel... we are living it... what more can we ask?

4. What have you eaten that isnt hot dogs?....hmmmm this is a hard one.... But I can officially say that hot dogs are gross..... hahaha so i have switched it over to ham.... but we also had chop sui the other day..... but it was gross too hahaha.... But I am starting to become chileno.... here Salad is actually just tomatoes with salt and oil... and I can actually eat them now!!! hahah

Home from a long day !

Monday, March 2, 2015

A baptism !

 One thing that I read that I applied in my life this week... It was a quote from Brigahm Young, I dont know it 100 perecent, but it was talking about if we are going on our missions to go see a new place, or to have a great time we are going in vain, But we are to go to bring people unto Christ, to go and cast out devils, and use our priesthood as Christ would use it. And it really made me think about the Power of the priesthood. That all the same influinces are still in the world, The power of the Priesthood is real. We need to use it. We need to have the faith taht it will work.
 Hermana Ana
 Missionary Pranks
 Temple in Santiago , Chile
 Tree frog catching at its finest
Elder Davies made lunch ...yum