Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Changes again

 Chilean BBQ
 Elder Middleton ( new Companion ) and Elder Thompson

 Elder Thompson, ward member , Elder Spencer, Elder Romero ( a favorite ) and Companion ELder MIddleton ( from Canada)


1. how is my new campanion.... he is great. He is really serious, and
well as you know Im not 100 percent of the time. But we have figured
it out. And now our seriousness and my Ryaness works well together.

2. What strengths does he bring.... he is very concious about the
ward, and he is always looking for more ways to be more involed and
work more closely with the ward.

3. Are the people preparing for christmas here... yes... they all have
their lights up and everything... but honestly, I feel like i should
be having my birthday soon... I dont really like having a hot
christmas. So its still a little weird for me.

4. Any special foods.... they people have really changed it up here
and have started giving us Chicken and rice, instead of Rice and
chicken... I swear when I get home  I dont ever want to eat that
again!!! Hahah but really, They have this thing called Pan de Pascua.
Which means Christmas bread... and it is exactly like fruit cake...
and its SOOOO GROSS!!!!! But everyone eats it and gives it to

5. What helped me be the best missionary that I can be this week.... I
feel like it was the talk that I read by President Uchtdorf, it
litteraly changed my entire week, and how I think and act.