Monday, May 25, 2015

This missionary loves the work he does!

Gospel Lesson i learned... I watched a video from Elder Holland, talking about why a mission was so hard... and he said "your mission is hard, because Salvation was never, and will never be an easy experience. For us to gain salvation, we must pass through at least a little of what the savior passed through." We can also take that in our lives. Life is hard. But its because the price for salvation was never and easy experience.

 What did we do for a member this week.... i told you about that family whos grandma is in the hospital dying of cancer... everyday, when we walk past their house we stop by, and put a little note, with a scripture or a note on it, to let them know that we are praying for them, and care about them.
 How did my prayers affect my work... we have really been struggling to find new investigatores... so we have been praying to find some new ones. So through my prayers i have had the energy and the desires to work and to contact. and then see results.
I think I do know how much you love me, and I can feel the influence of your prayers!!!
 we had a great time Skyping with Elder Spencer on Mother's Day

 Elder Spencer and Elder Johnson at a parade

 a "we love you " message form the other roomates!
 the new pension
 a long awaited package finally arrived months later
 a game of ping pong and the first night in the new pension ..the key broke!
How do I stay happy... I think that no matter what happens i will stay happy, 1)because I saw how much it helped Josh on his mission, and 2)we HAVE the best message in the entire world. We are just sharing it. If people dont want it, we still have it, and can enjoy the blessings that it brings to our lives.