Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy doing this Work!

2. What scripture had the biggest Impact on you this week?

This scripture Josh shared with me in his letter that he sent. It is 2 Nefi 33:1  When a man speaks by the power of the Holy Ghost, the power of the Holy ghost brings it (your words) UNTO the hearts of men... Unto not into.... as missionaries it is our job to bring our words to them, but they then have to choose to let it in. But we must allow them the chance, and make it the right enviornment.

 the zone
 missionary planning
 the reflection and face of a missionary so happy to be serving the Lord...and eating pizza :)

 Elder Spencer's apartment building
 the 6 month shoe ....
4. How many dogs tried to bite you?

This week, Only 3.... so it was a pretty good week... haha, I am going to buy a pen drive, and send home a video that I took of one trying to eat us... hahahah

5. How many hotdogs do you eat in a week? 

Well I have officially hit the capital of Shutterville...hahah and no longer buy them.... they just gross me out now... but with completos its ok, because the ratio of toppings to hot dog is about 5 to 1... hahah, 

6. What is your favorite dinner food in a members home?

Hmmm well first off we eat lunch with everyone... they dont eat Dinner, its called Once (11) and what it is, is a piece of bread and some drink...normally soda.. hahah, But my favorite food from a member, would have to be Churripan... now that sounds really weird but its not... its two words. Churrisco, and Pan.... its some crazy good sausage and bread. it is kinda like a polish dog, but 10 times better hahaha.... but this week should be a fun one.... WE HAVE NO LUNCHES!!!!!haha great....

7. What is one lesson that you Learned? and What kind of miracle did yu witness this week?

So I have two lessons that I learned. I shared with you in Number 2 about that scripture, and as I was studying it It hit me, that It is our job to bring the message yes.... but also it is our Job to let the words into OUR hearts... We teach and teach all day long, and sometimes all you do is studying for other people, but you must continually strive to strengthen your own testimony. We cant get relaxed as missionaries as to where we our in our testimonies. And lesson number 2. PRAYERS GET ANSWERED. This is my miracle this week aswell... So I have really been praying to get an answer to How can i let my mission change me everyday?  And yes a lot of times You receive your answers through the scriptures. But you also can receive them through Other People, Like your brothers letters, and your dads Emails. Dad wrote to me about the time that he had to build a telescope, and yes I remember it very well, and it was my answer. That we may think that we are doing good, Living worthy, praying, reading, we may think that we are as Glass. But one day someone will take that glass and rub it with a grit... and will leave you battered and scratched.... not what you thought you were... You seemed to think that because of where you were yuo couldnt be scratched....  But through the scratches you become humble enough, and have enough crevases that you can be made better. You can be made even better through the Pitch... the atonement of Jesus Christ. And through time I will no longer be just a clear piece of Glass.... But I will be as a perfected telescope, able to see much farther than what I could have seen before. But only through the long proccess and allowing yourself to be changed. Mom, Dad, Justin, Colson, Jace, Allow yourselves to be changed. You will be living with a returned missionary. Things will be different than before. I can promise you that Josh will not be the same. And he never will. I was prepared for my mission because I learned from his Example... not you have an even better example... A Telescope for a brother. Learn from him. and allow yourselves to be changed. I am so greatful for these past 6 months, I would not change them for anything. I love Chile, I love The Lord, for this reason I am here. Not because anyone told me, or because That is just what we do. But because I have a great love for the Lord.

Monday, February 16, 2015

A good week for Elder Spencer

Feeling Lucky !!! joking of course , we don't gamble :)

 a goat enjoying a summer walk with the missionaries
 cooking it up in the kitchen
 mystery dessert??
 why the dogs and goats love Santiago....

My biggest success this week happened Sunday. One of the hermanas in our district was having a baptism... so we decided that we were going to take Hermana Ana (an investigator) to go see it. With Ana she is married to a member, and is really progressing, but has yet to receive a direct answer a bout the church. But after the actual ordinance she turned to us and said I think I just received my answer. She is now going to be baptized on the first of march!!!

One goal that I have this week... It is going to be one of the most difficult goals that i have. But I have done a lot of thinking about how I can gain the trust of members, and I loved what Josh said about just going and talking to them... But At this point in my mission i can do really good in lessons with talkingand things about the church... So my goal this week is to use MORE spanish than English. I feel that If I can improve my spanish it will help me Gain the trust of more members
 And the reason he his willing to give it his all ......

Monday, February 9, 2015

Staying put for another transfer

 I have decided that I am going to read through and study El Libro de mormon, and actually study it. So I do that for half of my study, and I am learning soooo much more than just reading it, and reading the stories... One thing that i really love is in the first verse of First nefi, he says that he was born of goodly parents... and then in verse two he says that he was taught in the ways of God. So becasue his parents were goodly they taught the ways of God. It is little things like that, that really help me gain a better understanding of the scriptures. I have really tried to become a student of the scriptures. And then I study a chapter of PME, Right now I am on the attributes of Christ. And what I love about them is that if you are working on developing one, you will be working on developing them all... everything in the gospel is connected and simple.
 A great find
 The Zone
 " I guess when a member hands you a bag of tomatoes.its called a salad ! "
in spanish you give blessings in the Tu form, but we only speak in Su, its more formal, But this brother asked me to give him a blessing. And i was super nervous. But I knew that the words of the blessing really dont mean anything. What matters, is 3 things. 1. The will of the Lord 2. The faith of the people, and 3. The worthiness of the Priest hood holder. So knowing that we had those three things, I started the blessing, And with my broken spanish and trying to follow the spirit, I gave a super simple, and easy blessing. And when we said Amen, He was crying. It really strengthend my testimony that all we need to do is be willing and worthy to have the spirit with us, and the Lord will take care of the rest.  
a birthday card  to his mom !

Monday, February 2, 2015

Watermelon, BBQ and Dogs

Thank you so much for all of the support that I have gotten from you, I know that This is the True Church of Christ. I truly know it... if i didnt know it I wouldnt be here.  Everything comes down to the Book of Mormon. EVERYTHING. All we must do is read, ponder, and pray to know that it is true. 3 Pretty simple steps... but 3 steps that can, and will Change your life for the better.

Love you all!
watermelon eating contest!


Dog slobber with the potential of a bite!