Monday, March 16, 2015

Nowhere he'd rather be!

1. Regular hot showers? yes and no.... everything in chile is run off of propane tanks... so when they are full yes... but then they run out... and it becomes ICE!!!! and it takes them about 45 minutes to come and we have to buy a new one haha...

2. One thing I taught in a lesson that built my testimony.... I had to give a suprise talk in sacrament, and I felt like I should share what I learned about the Atonement, and teaching it really strengthens your testimony, What I shared is that there are three powers of the atonement, The redeeming power, the healing power, and the strengthing power.

3. My favorite person this week... President Wright, He is one of the best teachers I have ever learned from. 

4. Three attributes of Elder Davis. He is obedient, he cares about the people we are teaching, and Always helps me better myself.

5. My greatest joy this week, this is going to sound lame, but being able to share the gospel, There were so many reasons that i could have chosen to stay at home, To wrestle, study, whatever, But my greatest joy is being able to put on a name tag everyday, as a representative of Jesus Christ, and go out and share the greatest message there is. 

6. Negative into positive... we were contacting, and Idk, maybe I did something, But Elder D shut off, so i had two choices, to shut off also, or to step up to the plate, and I chose to take it as my chance to lead and be a missionary, not just a junior companion. He can do what he wants but I have a message and I am going to share it. 
 I think he is wishing he was ...... FROZEN

yep look close that's sweat !!!!

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