Monday, March 9, 2015

Learning the lessons of a missionary , patience and humility...

So first off questions.... 
1. What principles of the gospel did I apply this week.... The answer would be humility... Elder Davis and I are at the point where I am being able to talk to people on my own and do things that I wasnt able to do in my training.... and he tends to like to do things different than I would Prefere... but instead of being upset, I decided that I would just take the time to learn and find out what I can do to be better.

2. what did  I do this week to strengthen my testimony?.... So this week we had a few lessons where the people had said that they dont want anything to do with the church, because they are going through a hard time and they think that It will be better to not go to church and stuff.... and I dont know why but things like that strengthen my testimony... I think because even as members we go through hard times. But after we go through them and put our strength and faith in the Lord, things always work out better.

3. How did You feel Heavenly fathers Love for you this week?... I have felt the love of Heavenly father this week through my attidude. I know that it is a gift that I have from God, and knowing that through him I can always have a good attitude. Plus we have the gospel... we are living it... what more can we ask?

4. What have you eaten that isnt hot dogs?....hmmmm this is a hard one.... But I can officially say that hot dogs are gross..... hahaha so i have switched it over to ham.... but we also had chop sui the other day..... but it was gross too hahaha.... But I am starting to become chileno.... here Salad is actually just tomatoes with salt and oil... and I can actually eat them now!!! hahah

Home from a long day !

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