Saturday, November 28, 2015

It's been awhile ...

 Elder Spencer was transferred to his 3rd Area in the Javieria Carrera Ward. He is companions with Elder Turner and they will be serving as Zone Leaders together
What is the atonement of Jesus Christ?
His suffering, and the moment he died?
yes that’s part, but so much more,
the atonement of Christ, it covers the floor.
From wall to wall, the roof to the ground,
The atonement of Christ, is for the world around.
For you for me, for him for her.
For Every sin, for every hurt.
He suffered for you, he suffered for me
He suffered for everyone, on bended knee.
"Lord not mine, but thy will be done"
He suffered he bled, and there he hung.
But then something amazing, on day three
He rose again for you, for me.
He is our savior, or Lord, The Christ,
The only one worthy to pay the price.
He is my brother, my hero, my friend,
The only one truly with me, till the very end.
Im forever in debt,
But you can sure bet,
That my life will be different,
Because of that night,
When he bowed his head,and gave us a chance to fight.
Through his grace we are saved after all we can do...
So with every choice, lets think it through.
God knew it would happen, that we´d all mistake,
But through his son, the chains of hell we can break.
Because of him, the "HOLY ONE"
When I get there he´ll say "My son, well done".
 Written By: Elder Ryan Spencer

 a lot of walking happens ...these are insoles that were used for only one month !!!

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