Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Ready for the Challenge!

 A few goodbyes to the Bishop's family and favorite little Friends Rodri and Elli and new baby sister
 the Valenzuela Family
 New" Greenie"  Elder Romero from Argentina     :  "my phone rang... I looked at it, and it said "Assistant
1"... I answered it and Elder Laurentino started out by saying "Elder
Spencer, the Lord trusts in you very much. And he has given you a very
large responsability for this change... The Lord has called you to be
a district leader, and Train, in a White wash..." I am pretty sure
that Elder Johnson had to shut my mouth for me.....

so yeah, White wash train... Wedensday comes around, and We met as a
misión to get changes, we were all in the stake center, president
called our each companionship... I am now with Elder Romero... From
Argentina Cordoba. And he is awesome!!!! He is 19, and the first
misionary in his family.. but the thing is, he is amazing at soccer.
He played profecionally, and was going to play for one of the best
teams in argentina, and then he recieved his ticket to go and play,
and his misión call on the same day. Dropped all of his soccer planes,
and is now here... it was a huge testimony builder for me."
 the 4 some in the Pension
 the new district
view from new apartment

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  1. They are going to be a miracle companionship! So awesome to see his excitement =)