Monday, February 9, 2015

Staying put for another transfer

 I have decided that I am going to read through and study El Libro de mormon, and actually study it. So I do that for half of my study, and I am learning soooo much more than just reading it, and reading the stories... One thing that i really love is in the first verse of First nefi, he says that he was born of goodly parents... and then in verse two he says that he was taught in the ways of God. So becasue his parents were goodly they taught the ways of God. It is little things like that, that really help me gain a better understanding of the scriptures. I have really tried to become a student of the scriptures. And then I study a chapter of PME, Right now I am on the attributes of Christ. And what I love about them is that if you are working on developing one, you will be working on developing them all... everything in the gospel is connected and simple.
 A great find
 The Zone
 " I guess when a member hands you a bag of tomatoes.its called a salad ! "
in spanish you give blessings in the Tu form, but we only speak in Su, its more formal, But this brother asked me to give him a blessing. And i was super nervous. But I knew that the words of the blessing really dont mean anything. What matters, is 3 things. 1. The will of the Lord 2. The faith of the people, and 3. The worthiness of the Priest hood holder. So knowing that we had those three things, I started the blessing, And with my broken spanish and trying to follow the spirit, I gave a super simple, and easy blessing. And when we said Amen, He was crying. It really strengthend my testimony that all we need to do is be willing and worthy to have the spirit with us, and the Lord will take care of the rest.  
a birthday card  to his mom !

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