Monday, April 13, 2015

A True Disciple

"I am only 18 years old, I am not mature, I am learning a new language, I dont know all the things that I could, But One thing that I do know, is that the Book of Mormon is true. And because I know that, all the other things will fall into place. "
 Elder Spencer with a  house mate Elder Salas-Tapia
Elder "Hipster " Spencer

" favorite Doctrine to teach, the Atonement. I have put in a lot of effort in studying and understanding the Atonement, and I have begun to understand it soooo much more, and what effect it can have in our lives
 favorite things about Elder Johnson.( my Companion )... he is soooo funny!!! He has the best attitude I have ever seen. And he loves everyone!

The most important thing that I am trying to teach Elder Johnson, is that we don't know everything, but if we are worthy, and willing, the Lord will use us to perform miracles. He has promised us Angles on our left and our right, to help us. But we need to get out and work.

My spanish is ok, I think we are the only pension in the mission of just gringos... but we try to speak as much spanish as we can. DONT STOP THE PRAYERS!!!

Favorite meal... well we didn't get lunch this week, but I made a pot of rice, and put an egg in it.... IT was amazing!!! hahaha..

Thank you so much for all of your support. One thing that I decided while watching Meet the Mormons, is that I don't want to be just a missionary. I want to be a disciple  of Christ, that through me, he can and will perform miracles. This is my goal, 

I love you all!!!!"

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