Monday, January 5, 2015

You are Columbian ?

 funny story, we were walking and these two little kids ran up to us and asked up for a pass along card, then proceeded to ask us where we were from, Elder Davis said Germany, ( Gringos arent really liked here...) and I said I was from Columbia, The kid looked at me, and said "Oh yeah, I thought so, cuz you are almost black...." I just looked at him and laughed... It is getting  hot....

 Finally found his Mate Cup and his Yerba Mate Drink
 Has actually been one of my worst number wise.... They were way down, But it has been one of my Favorites... Because Recently I have been working on developing Christ like attributes...and one was patience, and Love, And with all of the lessons falling, and rude contacts... that is exactly what I got. My patience has grown, My love for all the people here has grown, For the Flaites, and the Barrachos, They are all sons and daughters of God. I am here to help them come unto Christ. Heavenly Father Hears AND answers your prayers. He know how to help us and what we need. He wants to help us. We just need to put our trust in him and do what we can.

a hopeful door knock !

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  1. OK that last picture is hilarious considering where his brother is serving--and with the highrise in the background! Great message from a wonderful missionary--I laughed about Colombia ;)