Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A day in the life of a missionary in Chile

 Tender mercies... I think would be the patience that I have been able to develop. Through studying my patriartichal blessing  I am able to ask myself, "am i doing all I can to bring to pass the blessings in my partriartichal blessing" and I am able to start to see it happen in my life.
oh just a delivery  donkey selling milk cartons
 Elder Spencer loves his MATTE
 Well a bus took a wrong turn evidently

 Elder Spencer's Mission President will be released  July 1
 Santiago, Chile Temple
 how do I respond to the spirit? ... Most of the time it is just like the first Idea that comes to my mind. And like Elder Bednar says, to find out we must act... so alot of times its in a situation, like, "where should we go to contact?" and we end up going to the first place that comes to mind, and find a woman, who needs help carrying groceries, and things like that. But there was one time where I felt like I was not succeding at anything. We had 1 investigator, no one was coming to church, and I felt like I wasnt doing anything... and I remember praying and asking for help, And for the fist time in my life I heard, "Ryan, I will always help you because I love you, you just have to ask" and from that moment on, I feel like I have been more intune to the spirit, and what The lord wants me to do.

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  1. Love his thoughts, Lynda. The Spencer MTC sure trains amazing missionaries!