Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The life of a happy missionary!

during lunch i got to share a spiritual thought.... and i shared the scripture that says If everyman ever would be, or  could be like unto moroni, then the gates of hell would have no power over the earth." and i got to thinking.... We need to live like Moroni.... But we also need to live in a way that people can say.... If every person was like Jace, Colson, or Justin, then the very gates of Hell would have no power over them. Now that is a pretty big task. But later in the Chapter it says that Moroni was like unto Alma, and the Sons of Mosiah.... and they were all MEN OF GOD. We can become like unto Moroni, by becoming Men and Women of God.

the feet of a new missionary
 companionship love...popping blisters

 Elder Spencer , Elder Davis and friends...who's the americans ??
 ELder Davis and Spencer Pday Hike
 Santiago , Chile
 Santiago , Chile
 the beautiful Andes Mountains

I want to express my feelings about the atonement of Jesus Christ. It is Real. It is here. It is for us. We must use it. As Missionaries we are here to help bring people unto Christ by faith, Repentance, Baptism, and enduring to the end. We can have faith, but we cannot help bring people unto Christ through the atonement if we ourselves have not used it. i cannot express my gratitued for the atonement and the role that it has played in my life. Do not wait to use it. Do not think that you are "ok" to not use it. The atonement is for us. Christ Brought it to us. But he will not force it upon us. We must choose to use it through our own free will. I had the oportunity the other day to share my tesitmony on the atonement.... and i was thinking how glad i am that i can. Yes i have made mistakes in my life. I am not perfect. But through the atonement i can be made Clean. I was able to share one of the most heart felt testimonies i have shared on the atonement becasue i have experience the blessing for myself. I have felt as Alma has felt, The guilt, the pain. But I also have felt as Alma after he repented,That my joy was never as sweet. Please do not wait to use the atonement. It Will help you.
 This has been the hardest 2 months of my life.... But it has been the absolute best. I would not trade one second for this time. I am so thankful for all of you and your examples to me!

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  1. Oh my gosh he looks so native! Good thing he took so much Spanish, hope the Chilean dialect is coming quickly!