Tuesday, September 23, 2014

4 weeks and still going strong in the CCM

 Elders Richards and Frossard
 so many new friends Elder Oliveria from Brazil
 Elder Valaqueth from Spain
 Elders's Despain and Roper
 CCM instructor Hermano Spolmann
CCM instructor Hermano Riutor
 Living quarters top right is Elder Spencer's bed
 the back yard and " soccer field " no wonder he kicked the ball and it broke a window !
 Still sporting his Wrestling look
Elders Andrew and Koltermann
Chilean Independence day celebrations
Hmm game time ? not really sure what the game was but looks fun :)

Well 4 weeks in and ELder Spencer's spirits are high ! he is loving where he is and the his excitement is contagious we counted 94 exclamation points in his letter home this week :)

Ok so now for a super cool spiritual experience... today when we got here, we put all of our stuff in our class and started to head out to the city. but i felt like i needed to grab a libro de mormon... i didnt know why... i cant really talk to these people and people dont really talk to us.... but i grabbed one and went on our way. We caught a taxi and headed up to Paris mall....my comps baught a bunch and candy and stuff..(i have earned the nickname of Cheap Spence here, because i dont like to spend my money.... but im ok with that!) and then started to head back to the CCM. We thought about getting another taxi to come back, bacuse they are super quick and really cheap... but i felt like we should walk. And as we were walking back, a man stopped my companions and said that he needed a book of mormon... they kinda looked at eachother and said that they didnt have one.... but low and behold I HAD ONE!!!! i was able to give it to him and told him that we could get missionaries to his friend.. he wrote down his info, and so we now just have to talk to president!!! ALWAYS LISTEN TO THE SPIRIT!!!! Who knows what would have happend if i didnt have one with me.... but its always better to be prepared than not!! love you guys and miss you tons!!!! 

oh and ps. i just want to say that i feel sorry for everyother missionary in the world.... because i have the absolute best mission in the world!!!

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  1. This is so cute and so true--whatever mission one is assigned to is "the best mission in the world!" Love his experience with El Libro De Mormon!!!